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Most of these images were created for the band "Electro Funk Rockers", They are like The Prodigy meets The Chemical Brothers and have a big, hard sound.
The band commissioned me to create an identity for them, logo's and flyers.
Their debut album titled "Hear NO, See NO, Speak NO" is due out sometime later this year, and again they got me involved. I came up with a graphic novel idea, which is going be a CD booklet, pullout.
It tells the tale of three monkeys who have been trained by the military to become spies and assassins. They were sent to infiltrate foreign government research labs.
Who would suspect a lab monkey right?
The Three monkeys (chosen from birth) were extremely intelligent and highly dangerous. Each had their own gift. One was incredibly strong and aggressive when triggered, another was made hyper intelligent so he could memorise highly classified material from the research labs. The other had the ability to destroy anything or anyone just by using his eyes. He had to wear goggles constantly unless he was sent to a target, this poor chap was sent mad because anybody he loved would soon die horribly.
Guess what..... they escaped and joined forces to created havoc in 80's America and Europe. And oh, by the way, they can talk.

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EFR the freaksEFR Trained assassinEFR asylum officeEFR The TubeEFR The streetEFR The StoryEFR Man DOWNEFR inside the planeEFR The CockpitEFR Surgery photoEFR gramophoneEFR fucking humansEFR I like youEFR hoodiesEFR policeEFR Your SoulEFR the dudesEFR tattooEFR Snarling DogEFR sixties