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interpretation, composition and more interpretation. That's the name of the game.

Here are some examples of a more pure form of graphic illustration. It always amazes me just how different other illustrators and artists can approach the same subject. It seems endless.
Somebody's else's interpretation of style need not be yours. There does seem to be a generalised aesthetic though. Illustrators today seem to be known for their versatility and not their branded style. That wasn't always the case.
However, imagery is a universal language much in the same way as music or writing, or any other art form for that matter, and its the job of the illustrator / artist to try and some up the meaning as simply and directly as possible. Less is always more in most cases.
The images "illo's 1 to 12" where commissioned by The Observer Magazine a few years ago for current affairs articles on many topics. A recurring theme was the Disney franchise and its terrible record of abuse and bullying to its work force.
The Che and Obama images where painted on art board and scanned into the mac and photoshopped. Its a nice technique and one I constantly use.
The David Cameron image "DOPE" is obviously a pastiche on the very popular Obama poster campaign "HOPE".
And Thatcher.... well... no one else had done it.

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